On November 15, Your Choice is Clear: An Open Government or a Closed Government

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Vancouver BC, November 9, 2014 – Non-Partisan Association Mayoral Candidate Kirk LaPointe calls on Vancouverites to reject Gregor Robertson’s closed and secret style of running City Hall and to cast their ballot in favour of the NPA’s open approach that respects citizens’ input into how their city is run.

“The NPA is proposing a positive, open style of government,” says LaPointe. “Vancouver is a great city, badly run. It is time to reject Gregor Robertson’s closed-door governing style that keeps citizens in the dark. It is time for an end to rigid ideology and bullying of those who would dare challenge this mayor and this party.”

Gregor Robertson and Vision’s intimidation tactics and closed-mindedness are well documented. Even former Vancouver Mayor and BC Premier Mike Harcourt was recently quoted as saying, “Their bedside manner is terrible. They’re tone deaf with the public.”

What kind of government do you want?

Closed to listening to everyone, include those who disagree with him; silencing opponents with legal bullying Open to working together and bringing citizens into discussions that affect them
Closed to some sectors of the economy Open to all sectors of the economy
Closed to making city finances public Open to letting citizens see the books at City Hall
Closed-mind on school donations Open to partnerships to make our schools better for students

Gregor Robertson and Vision have repeatedly shown that they will resort to legal bullying and deals with special friends to run Vancouver the way they, and not the people of Vancouver, want. Community concerns are ignored by Vision’s closed-minded agenda. “That is not democracy,” says LaPointe.

Voters have a clear choice between an open or closed government at City Hall when they cast their ballot, says LaPointe.

“Openness at 12th and Cambie is long overdue. Together, out in the open, we can build the Vancouver we all want.”

Contact: Ann Gibbon, [email protected]