Fraser Ballantyne

for Vancouver School Board

Fraser Ballantyne was first elected Vancouver School Board Trustee in 2011.

He is seeking re-election as a School Board Trustee in the November municipal election.

In his 38 years working in public education, he has served as a Trustee, teacher, counsellor, school administrator and district management team member.

Fraser has been a lifelong friend of mine. He ran successfully in 2011 and was elected to a three year term which comes up for renewal at the upcoming November Municipal elections. Fraser is still passionate about delivering the best education to the students of Vancouver and is prepared to donate another three years for this noble cause.Christopher I Dyakowski, P. Geo

He has worked with ESL, Downtown Eastside, Aboriginal and Southeast Vancouver youths, giving him insight into the range of issues and concerns of a diverse range of Vancouver students, parents and teachers.

He served for five years on the Vancouver School Board’s Senior Management Team in Human Resources, where he managed staffing for the city’s high schools, special education and alternative schools.

He has served as an Executive Member Vancouver Administrators Secondary Schools Association.

Ballantyne holds a Masters of Education degree and has completed the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management Governance Essentials Program for not-for-profits.

Ballantyne has lived in the MacKenzie Heights neighbourhood of the city for almost three decades.


Fraser Ballantyne: What do you look for in an elected school trustee?

Marion and I are pleased to endorse Fraser Ballantyne as an NPA candidate for  the Vancouver School Board.  Fraser has had a long and successful relationship with the Vancouver School System, as a teacher, a counselor, and as a senior member of the VSB administration. Fraser has represented children and parents issues extremely well during his tenure on the Vancouver School Board.  He understands the school issues very well and we are pleased to endorse him for a second term.Peter and Marion George
Fraser Ballantyne will continue to be an excellent School Board Trustee because of his 38 years of experience as teacher, counselor, school administrator and in district management in Vancouver. Fraser has an extraordinary ability to listen to and communicate with people, maintains a calm manner even in a crisis, and has a proven record of considering all aspects of any issue before deciding on a course of action. Mr. John Creighton
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