Jay Jagpal

for Vancouver Park Board

As a teenager, Jay Jagpal volunteered at Vancouver’s Sunset Community Centre. He loved the experience and the centre’s contribution to the community so much that he is still an active member there.

Jagpal looks forward to continuing to advance the central role that parks and facilities like Sunset play in connecting communities by seeking election as Park Board Commissioner in the November municipal election.

With the help of Mr LaPointe and Jay Jagpal I see a day where our community will no longer be neglected by the city, but instead celebrated.Gulzar Nanda
Hi-Class Jewellers

Jagpal is involved in business and commercial construction in the Lower Mainland. He works as a mechanical engineer at Olympic International Sales, where he sources and provides technologies from around the world for large private and public projects in BC, including hospitals, universities, schools and residential towers.

He has also worked internationally, including in Singapore, where he helped the transit authority optimize bus service, and in Germany, where he worked in research and development at a national laser-technology development center.

My experience of Jay over the years has been that he is always listening and looking for ways to support young families, seniors, and small businesses. His focus is what the Parks Board needs.  I endorse Jay Jagpal.Lisa Hau
Owner Lisa's Chop Shop Gastown

Jagpal has spent the last five years as an Ambassador for the Vancouver Board of Trade and as a member of its advisory committee for the Company of Young Professionals. He also volunteers with the local chapter of a global engineering association.

During the past decade, Jagpal has worked on election campaigns and helped create Under 40 professional engagement committees to help those under 40 years of age become more engaged in the political process.  He spends his leisure time coaching youth and young professionals on personal development, goal attainment and maintaining work/life balance.

Jagpal is a graduate of UBC and BCIT and lives in South Vancouver with his wife.


Jay Jagpal: Park board needs to refocus and serve the community

Over the years I’ve worked on many projects with Jay.  With traveling over seas and volunteering locally, I have seen Jay first hand give up his time to support individuals and communities in need.  His leadership and support has no boundaries, and has proven it time and time again.   He is a proven community leader with a drive to leave the world a better place.  I fully endorse Jay Jagpal for the Vancouver Park Board.Lisa Bruhm, President of GO-MED
Jay is skilled in bridging cultural communities, and supporting the upcoming generations is an absolute asset. He brings the drive of a entrepreneur together with a life long connection with the parks board.  He brings his experience in business and engineering to the community, to solve problems, and build a community for the future.Pall Beesla, Community Leader